ADA Disability Access

Examples of Disability Discrimination      Applicable Fed. & State Statutes

We have pioneered a revolutionary litigation unit that sues various places of public accommodation that do not comply with federal disability law. This means achieves the noble end of ensuring an America that is equally accessible to all. 

The solution is simple. Hire a lawyer and sue the business that does not feel providing equality for disabled Americans is paramount. Based on our experience, most businesses will not voluntarily comply with federal disability law. They wait to be sued. These are, of course, business decisions. 

Other recourse include investigation by federal or state attorneys' general offices. Nearly all disability statutes provide for local and federal government to force businesses to comply with disability law; but here too, government does not often take the time to investigate the thousands of businesses that do not provide equal access to disabled Americans. 

Our only viable option for a world of equality is for you, the disabled American, to hold these businesses accountable in a court of law. We at The Strojnik Firm LLC pride ourselves in being a well-known and aggressive litigation firm that has pioneered a team that ensures countless businesses become accessible through litigation. 

Most of the laws that protect disabled Americans are federal laws, but there are some state laws that protect them as well. Below is a list of applicable federal and state laws that attempt to ensure equality for disabled Americans:

  1. Americans with Disabilities Act
  2. Arizonans with Disabilities Act (Arizona)
  3. Unruh Civil Rights Act (California)
  4. Disabled Persons Act (California)

  1. Stairs to access restaurant 
  2. Counter too high
  3. Doorways that are too narrow
  4. No safety bars in bathroom
  5. No brail on public devices
  6. Inaccessible website to disabled
  7. No pool lift for hotel pool or Jacuzzi
  8. No disabled parking space
  9. Inaccessible ATM machine

Our Solutions for the Disabled American                                  The Myth of the "Mom and Pop" Store

All too often, we see the media and public side with business owners over disabled Americans seeking equality because of the "mom and pop" defense. Of course, as Americans we all become sentimental at the idea of a "mom and pop" store because it is uniquely American - small business owners having the freedom to succeed in America. However, what is not generally told to the public is that many of the businesses that do not provide disabled Americans full and unequivocal equality are not "mom and pop" stores; rather, they are corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and limited partnerships, and other large corporate entities that are savvy enough to, at least, incorporate in a state like Delaware or Nevada where tax brackets are lower than in other states. Based on our experience here at The Strojnik Firm LLC spanning hundreds and hundreds of ADA lawsuits, businesses simply believe they will never be caught for violating the ADA. But we feel that spending a few hundred dollars to provide equality at a place of business is worth the noble goal of providing equality to disabled Americans. 

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