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ADA Disability Access

The Strojnik Firm LLC has aggressively assured, through litigation, that countless places of public accommodation across the Country have become accessible to disabled persons. We believe that the class of disabled persons in the United States is a forgotten class that requires aggressive representation to ensure they are treated equally under the law. Through work with the community and serial lawsuits, we have undertaken long strides to ensure this noble goal. Click below for more information. 

We have obtained millions of dollars of settlements on behalf of our employee clients by ensuring that employers are held accountable for their discriminatory acts in the workplace. As important, we have obtained hundreds of results ensuring that access to the disabled class of persons is equal to that of able-bodied persons. Please click below for a small sampling of our successful results. 

We guarantee effective and aggressive representation that is results-driven. Our primary pursuit is the tireless representation of our employee clients who are discriminated against at the workplace, whether due to race, gender, national origin, age or disability. We represent employees in a wide range of areas ranging from wrongful termination, sexual harassment, unequal pay and retaliation. Click below for more information. 

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